Rear Sets

Rear Sets

Based on an Italian factory racing design, these footrest pedal assemblies are made from high grade Dural and have been adapted so that they can be fitted to almost any bike.

The pivot block is threaded internally (3/8UNF) and the assembly can be pulled up to whatever bracket you have or can devise for your bike. 

The operating arm can be put in any of 24 positions to facilitate the use of any variety of linkage.

The brake and gear levers are in fact identical (the operating arm is just turned 180o).

Standard length of operating arm (the part that takes the clevis or rod end joint) is 2 1/2' - this suits most bikes - although 2" and 3" are available to order - ring or email to discuss this.

To facilitate the use of a kick start or just according to preference, a folding footrest is available, which is interchangeable with the standard fixed peg. Only marginally longer, the folding peg has a stainless steel linkage partially hidden inside.

 It is also possible to use the fold up link with a standard peg to make an independent folding peg. This can be used on its own where a reverse gear lever is to be used. The folding pegs can also be used as matching pillion footrests.


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